B. R. Industries Blog http://www.brindustries.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 13 Apr 2024 02:58:22 +0530 en-us http://www.brindustries.in Grinding Equipment - Different Types For Various Applications http://www.brindustries.in/blog/grinding-equipment-different-types-for-various-applications_1382.htm Sat, 02 Jun 2012 13:28:28 +0530 One industry where Grinding Equipment is extensively used is the food processing industry. In olden days, people used to grind spices and other food substances at home with hand held grinders. However, nowadays people prefer buying ground food products directly from the market. Food processing industries make extensive use of Grinding Equipment to powder food products like chili, spices, pulses, etc.   Some of the commonly used Grinding Equipment in the food processing industry include Spice Grinding Machine, Chilli Grinding Machine, Chilli De seeding Machine, Garlic Paste Making Machine, Pulses Grinding Machine, Chilli Cleaning Machine, etc.   Other examples of Grinding Equipment used in different industries include:- Grinding Equipment in spices powdering field - Chemical Grinders – Chemical grinders are used for processing substances like coke, polyester, activated carbon, etc. These Chemical Grinders are equipped with safety features like inert gas grinding chambers and explosion proof controls. Hammer Mill Grinders – Micro Pulveriser is provided with Cyclone, Blower, foundation channel frame and Dust-collector. Works on the Principle of cutting & crushing thereby retains original valuable product qualities. Product fineness is controlled by change of perforated sieves.It is a Hammer Mill. Suitable for Chilies, Coriander, Black Pepper, Tea, Sugar, Husk, Roots, Neem seed , Turmeric etc. Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel lining. (Moisture Content should be 10%) Pulveriser available in capacities : 250-300 Kgs Per  8  Hour(10HP-1440 RPM) 500-600 Kgs Per 8 Hour(25HP-1440 RPM) 900-1000 Kgs Per  8 Hour(40HP-1440 RPM) 1200-1300 Kgs Per  8 Hour(50HP-1440 RPM) 1500-1600 Kgs Per  8 Hour(60HP-1440 RPM) Specification of Chilly Grinding Plants with chilli cleaning system Consists of 5 Nos Of Screw Conveyor (material lifting from one machine to another). Chilli Cleaning Machine 1 No. removes Dust,nails,stones and hard particles from Chiili, Suction Blower sucks the cleaned chilli  from cleaning machine and throws the chilli To first Grinding Machine -> through screw conveyor -> second Grinding Machine-> And then -> third Grinding Machine here you get the final product (fine powder) final product And 3 Nos of Micro Pulverisers(Grinder) for 3 stage Grinding of Chiili if mixer is attached to the Plant final product store into the mixer (oil mixing tap is provided) and cooling of fine powder also takes place before bagging in the Mixer. It is an continuous process of Grinding and only 3-4 mens required while running the plant.Plant available in capacities :(Moisture Content should be 10%)  250-300 Kgs Per Hour 450-500 Kgs Per Hour 900-1000 Kgs Per Hour   Specification of Semi Automatic Grinding Plant. Consists of 1 No. of Cone Type Pulveriser (Grinder) Grinding all Non abrasive materials upto 300 Mesh. 1Nos Of Screw Conveyor (material lifting from machine to Dresser) and Dresser designed to suit Nylon and steel sieves of different Mesh. Thorough sieving and excellent grading. Plant is Suitable for Turmeric, Urad Dhall, Besan, Dry Ginger, Saw Dust, Coconut Shell, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, minerals,.  Plant available in capacities : 100-125  Kgs Per Hour 300-350 Kgs Per Hour 500 - 600 Kgs Per Hour Feel free to conatact us for further details : Available in various ranges like mild steel, in stainless steel and stainless steel lining.   Specification of Blended Spices and Coriander Grinding Plants. Consists of 3 Nos Of Screw Conveyor (material lifting from one machine to another). To first Grinding Machine -> through screw conveyor -> second Grinding Machine- here you get the final product (fine powder) final product And 2 Nos of Micro Pulverisers(Grinder) for 2 stage Grinding of mix masala or coriander if mixer is attached to the Plant final product store into the mixer and cooling of fine powder also takes place before bagging in the Mixer. It is an continuous process of Grinding and only 2-3 mens required while running the plant. Plant available in capacities : (Moisture Content should be 10%)  250-300 Kgs Per Hour 450-500 Kgs Per Hour 900-1000 Kgs Per Hour Feel free to conatact us for further details : Available in various ranges like mild steel, in stainless steel and stainless steel lining.   Specification of Mixer (Blending Machine) Mixer consists of paddle type arms, Mixing action is done through rotary motion of Blending Arms inside the Mixer. Excellent mixing and cooling operation will be carried out in the Mixers. Mixer Gears are made up of standard steel alloys. Specially used for Mixing Dry Powders. Works on Low power consumption  by means of Gear reduction Unit. Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel  Stainless Steel (304 Grade) & Stainless Steel lining.mixers available in capacities : 500 Kgs (10HP-960 RPM) 1 Ton     (25HP-960 RPM) 2 Ton     (40HP- 960 RPM) 3 Ton     (60HP- 960 RPM) Feel free to conatact us for further details : Mineral Grinder – These Mineral Grinders are used for grounding materials like silicon metal, gypsum, rock salt, limestone, etc. These are just a few examples of Grinding Equipment that are commonly used in industries for various grinding purposes. Many other uses and applications of Grinding Equipment exist in the industrial sector. Initially developed with a purpose of reducing human effort and time, Grinding Equipment have today become a necessary part of our industries due to features like high precision grinding and uniformity of process. Screw conveyors and their uses: http://www.brindustries.in/blog/screw-conveyors-and-their-uses_1385.htm Sat, 02 Jun 2012 13:37:04 +0530 Screw Conveyor makes a tough job very easy. The first modern Screw Conveyor was invented in mid-forties by Peter Pokash. Initially, Screw Conveyors were used in farms to move grains. Gradually, the application of Screw Conveyors extended to varied industries. Screw Conveyors are mainly used in industries granular products in bulk from one place to another. They are considered to be the best way to move semi-solid materials like spices food waste, animal feed meat, bone meal, wood chips, etc. Initially, Screw Conveyors were used in farms to move grains. Gradually, the application of Screw Conveyors extended to varied industries.transferring the material from Machine – Machine and storage Bins.     A Screw Conveyor is a very simple device. It consists of tube and a spiral blade coiled around a shaft. The amount of goods moved depends on the rotation speed of the blades. Screw Conveyor carries the material from one end to other in a controlled way. This device is made of best stainless steel so that it does not get damaged by huge amount material put in it. Screw Conveyor is available in varied capacities ranging from 250Kg to 300 ton.     Screw Conveyor is mainly used in agricultural sector. Screw Conveyor is powered by an electric motor. There is a long metal tube attached to it which directs the materials to their destination. The Screw Conveyors used in fields are usually very big in size. They can move a very large amount of grains in few minutes. This way, Some small conveyors are also extensively used in fields. Due to their smaller size, these conveyors are called pencil auger.     Regardless of their size, the Screw Conveyors can move huge collection of materials like crushed stones at relatively very less time. They are considered to be the best device to move heavy amount of material that is used in construction sites.     Screw Conveyors are also used in food processing and oil industries. The design of the snow blower is also based on this device. It moves snow to keep roads clear.     The use of Screw Conveyor is increasing day by day and with that people are modifying its design to make it better. For better productivity, it is necessary to buy this device from genuine Screw Conveyors Manufacturer only.           Key Points To Consider While Procuring Screw Conveying System http://www.brindustries.in/blog/key-points-to-consider-while-procuring-screw-conveying-system_1392.htm Sat, 02 Jun 2012 15:24:04 +0530 In the past fifty years or so, there has been tremendous development in the industrial sector with new science and technology giving rise to new machinery and equipment.  One such equipment which has become an important part of our lives today is the Screw Conveying System.   Though not at all new, a Screw Conveyor has undergone tremendous development in past decade or so. So what is a Screw Conveying System and why is it so important. A Screw Conveyor is basically a conveying system which transfers materials from one point to another. A Screw Conveying System uses a rotating screw for movement and hence the name – Screw Conveyor.  The Screw Conveying System can transfer materials in solid form, liquid form or it can be used to mix two substances while transferring.   Advantages of Screw Conveying System:Screw Conveyor is available in different designs and specifications. There are highly specific designs for specific purposes. E.g. a vapor tight Screw Conveyor, for conveying chemicals or hazardous materials is a perfect example of this.   A Screw Conveyor can have multiple inlets and outlets, which mean that materials can be transferred to different locations according to requirement. Also if needed, there are openings in a Screw Conveyor to add materials.   While transference, the materials on a Screw Conveyor can be heated, cooled or even dried according to need.A Screw Conveyor can be placed in vertical, horizontal or an inclined position according to the properties of the material being transferred.    Points To Be Considered While Procuring Screw Conveying System:While choosing a Screw Conveying System, one needs to keep in mind what kind of application is it needed for. Only after conducting a proper research should one settle for a particular Screw Conveying System which fulfills the requirements of the application.   There are different kinds of Screw Conveying System Manufacturers operating in the market. There are some who specialize in manufacturing custom designs, while others excel in making heavy duty Screw Conveying System with hi-tech specifications. Find a reliable Screw Conveyor Manufacturer who specializes in kind of Screw Conveyor you need.   Make sure that the Screw Conveyor Manufacturer you are buying from complies with the industrial quality standards and has the necessary certifications from a recognized quality control body.   Another important point to be considered is to make sure that the <a href="http://www.brindustries.in/screw-conveyors.htm"><b>Screw Conveyor Manufacturer</b></a> you are buying from has all spare conveyor parts and components in stock.   Keeping these simple points in mind will ensure that you only buy quality products, while procuring a Screw Conveying System. All About Spice grinding Machine http://www.brindustries.in/blog/all-about-spice-grinding-machine_1519.htm Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:14:57 +0530 A Spice Grinding Machine is used for grinding of spices, pulses, cattle feed and poultry feed. Spice Grinding Machine can either be used for grinding spice coarsely or making fine powder of products like coffee and grains. Spice Grinding Machines are generally fitted with superfine blades that help in fine grinding of different products. Spice Grinder machine can be a house owned small grinding machines, and can also be used in industries for grinding large quantity of spices at a time. These huge Spice Grinding machines are installed by spice manufacturers for offering different spices in powdered form.   A Spice Grinding Machine provides fine powdered form of spices and some of its beneficial features can be stated as:   A Spice Grinding Machines offers dust free operation which cause no harm to the health and the environment.   Small Spice Grinding Machines consume less electricity which becomes a plus point for the user.   On industrial scale a Spice Grinding Machine gives a fine powder of the spice crushed.   Some industries use friction-less method for the grinding process which saves the power and ensures fine crushing. Silent running of such huge Spice Grinder Machines is the other advantage.   Application Of Spice Grinding Machine.Spice Grinding Machine is generally meant for grinding of spices like ginger, black pepper, chili, turmeric and other spice. Apart from grinding of spice, a Spice Grinding Machine can also be used for grinding coffee seeds, sugar, different grains, salt and many other household products on a small or large scale basis.   Different industries use different operation for grinding of products depending upon the fineness the product desired.  These operations are generally done on two or three stage operation.   Construction:Spice Grinding Machine is generally manufactured by using heavy duty steel. Steel is used to give durability to the machine. Fine blades are placed inside the chamber for grinding process. In heavy industries, sometimes hammers are used for grinding.   <a href="http://www.brindustries.in/spice-grinding-plant.htm"><b>Spice Grinding Machine</b></a> is  an industrial requirement From grinding spices and grains, Spice Grinding Machine is used differently in different industries.  What is Impact Pulverizer? http://www.brindustries.in/blog/what-is-impact-pulverizer_1520.htm Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:29:19 +0530 There are many mechanical devices that are required in diverse industrial units to carry out complex operations. These operations need lot of expertise and precision, and thus machinery required to perform such tasks should also be advanced. One such mechanical device is Impact Pulveriser. It is a grinder that can grind different kinds of materials that too very efficiently. For instance, coal can be easily grinded by Impact Pulveriser to fulfill the requirements of power plants. Depending on speed, Pulverizers vary from each other and accordingly preferred by different industrial segments. There are: high speed Pulverizers, medium speed Pulverizers, and low speed Pulverizers. Apart from speed, Impact Pulverizer can also be divided into two other categories such as: Cone type Pulverizer and Micro Pulverizer. Both are available in different capacities and specifications.   Different Types Of Impact Pulverisers:   Cone Pulverizer:Cone Pulverizer is the best mechanical device that is used for grinding Pharmaceutical drugs, Turmeric, Urad Dal, Saw Dust, Besan, Coconut, Dry Ginger, Shell, minerals and the like. Cone Pulverizer is generally available in different capacities ranging from 200kgs to 800kgs that makes them perfectly suitable for diverse industries such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc. There are many Cone Pulverizer Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh who provide excellent Cone Pulverizers made from high grade parts and components. Yet before purchasing Cone Pulverizers from them, it is mandatory to understand the requirements and after that accordingly select high or low capacity models. There are certain points that must be considered before purchasing Cone Pulverizers. For instance, they must have a controlled feeding rate and should be free of vibrations. The best Cone Pulverizer works on the Principle of frictionless grinding.   Micro Pulverizer: This is another type of <a href="http://www.brindustries.in/pulverizers.htm"><b>Impact Pulverizer</b></a>. This is specifically used for grinding Tea, Sugar, Coriander, Chillies, Black Pepper, Neem seed, Turmeric, etc. A Micro Pulverizer based on cutting & crushing Principle can effectively retain qualities of the product to be grinded.  High- tech Micro Pulverizers are capable of controlling changes in perforated sieves. Micro Pulverizer made up of different types of material such as mild steel, Stainless Steel, etc. are strong enough to grind hard materials. Depending on the requirement customers must decide speed of their Micro Pulverizer and then only approach manufacturers of impact pulverizers.   Impact Pulverizers have compact shape and size, which make them easy to operate. Making operations dust-free, they are highly preferred for grinding dry products. Before purchasing Impact Pulverizer, ask for their accessories to be provided along with them. Screw Conveyors for Industrial Applications http://www.brindustries.in/blog/screw-conveyors-for-industrial-applications_1521.htm Tue, 26 Jun 2012 11:32:20 +0530 Screw Conveyor is a mechanical device that was earlier used to pump out the water used for irrigation purposes. With the advancement of technology, Screw Conveyors have also developed and are used in diverse industries. Screw Conveyor, also called as auger conveyor is a combination of a tube or a box and a helical screw blade that is rotated inside the tube to move inside material. The material can be liquid or semi solid particles. Screw Conveyors are extensively required in material handling industry. Screw Conveyors are either placed horizontally or are slightly inclined to move the aggregates inside.   Screw Conveyors are used in diverse industrial sectors for the purpose of mixing or moving material from one place to another during the process of manufacturing. They are available in different capacities which vary from 250kgs to 3 tones. Many manufacturers also provide custom-made Screw Conveyors according to the requirement of the buyer.   Some Of The Prominent Features To Be Kept In Mind Before Purchasing Screw Conveyor Are: The principle on which Screw Conveyor works holds a lot of importance in deciding the optimal performance of the device. There are many Screw Conveyor Manufacturers who try to carve the best mechanisms to make their products easy to operate and highly efficient. These are the ones who make Screw Conveyors running on the principle of transferring the material by means of centrifugal rotation of the rotor waram. This waram in screw conveyors is made of either mild steel or stainless steel.   Screw Conveyor must be able to carry material from one machine to another and the process involved must be free of vibrations.   Applications Of Screw Conveyors:Screw Conveyors are used to move material inside the tube or the box from one place to another. They are used in industries such as food industry, oil industry, material handling industry, etc. These are also used in transport industry to carry cuttings of rocks from one point to another. Screw Conveyor also finds applications in agriculture as well. Screw Conveyors are also used for mixing materials that include various complex operations. Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors that are not just strong but durable also can be readily availed in the market.   One needs to do a thorough research before purchasing Screw Conveyors. Make sure that to get the best and economically priced Screw Conveyors. For this, only the authentic <a href="http://www.brindustries.in/screw-conveyors.htm"><b>Screw Conveyor Manufacturers</b></a> should be approached.  What you Need to Know About Pulverizer Machines http://www.brindustries.in/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-pulverizer-machines_9025.htm Wed, 15 Jul 2020 17:47:29 +0530 Pulverizer is used in industries to crush materials into granules or tiny shards. These machines are used to crush different types of materials such as coal, glass, resin, medical waste, tires, etc. Various industries require different kinds of pulverizers to crush their materials. Granulators, ring mills, hammer mills, impactors, shredders, etc. are some of the commonly used pulverizers in various industries. A pulverizer exporter Telangana will be able to provide you with machines that are best suited for industrial work. Different Varieties of Pulverizer Machines There is a huge variety of pulverizer machines that are available in the market and are popularly used in the industries. • Shredders: They are used when materials such as rocks or stones need to be crushed into dust. It is also used for shredding materials that can be later recycled. • Hammer mills: Hammer mills are popularly used in grinding mills. These machines have steel rods and balls that crush the material by creating pressure. • Impactor: This type of machine is used to crush materials with high impact. Various Features of Pulverizer Machines There are various features of these machines that make them a perfect choice for different industries. These machines are very easy to maintain and hence, the cost of the maintenance is very low. It has a high production capacity. This means that you can manufacture a larger amount of production. The machines help in giving high quality output. Many machines consume a lot of energy. However, pulverizer machines consume very little energy and hence, are ideal machines. For operating these machines, you do not need an expert. It can be handled by a single person without any training. These machines are highly durable. Hence, you can use them for many years without any problems. The machines are also designed in a manner that utilises very little space. Selecting Pulverizer Machines When you are buying a pulverizer machine from a pulverizer exporter from Hyderabad, you need to understand the purpose of using the machine. Based on your requirements, the exporter will be able to deliver your machine. Before you buy your machine, make sure you keep in mind the kind of material that needs to be crushed. You should also consider the size of the material before choosing the machine. Most of the exporters give complete detail of the machine before they take the orders so that the customers do not have problems with size. You also need to consider the amount of material that you plan to feed into the machine. Keeping these things in mind can help you in choosing the machine of your choice. Pulverizing machines are very beneficial as they can crush heavy materials into fine granules and many other such benefits. Hence, make sure that you are choosing a pulverizer exporter from India who supplies high-quality products. These machines are very beneficial if you want to crush heavy materials into different sizes in the most effective manner. Hence, they are ideal for various industrial processes. Centrifugal Dressing Machine - Meaning, Uses, and Working http://www.brindustries.in/blog/centrifugal-dressing-machine-meaning-uses-and-working_9277.htm Tue, 08 Sep 2020 17:42:31 +0530 Centrifugal dressing machine is a mechanical system used in many grain mills. It is the flour dresser that separates completed flour from some other wheat elements after milling. Meal dressers have continued to be in used throughout the in many countries. Centrifugal dressing machine suppliers find great demand for the machine. This is a method of grain milling from hydropower to steam, and other types of power to operate milling engines. Centrifugal dressing machines are classified with one or two outlets for the over tails and other outlets. They help to dress starting materials so that different grades are identical to each specification. Usage and Application A centrifugal dressing machine is used for filtration of besan, chemical powder, spices, Ayurvedic powder, turmeric, and meal. Centrifugal dressing machine of the highest quality come in different range of products, such as in materials of stainless steel, stainless steel, and mild steel. This machine is suitable for filtering besan, flour, Ayurvedic powder, spices, and powder. The machine is able to separate the bran from flour in addition to having a much higher performance than the water-powered engine. Working of the Machine The grains that can be transformed into flour are first ground, usually in one or more steps, and then separated by grinding the grain from the flour. By sifting (or bolting), the flour generated by the grain is further separated by size. To make this separation, the finished flour and an array of products like bran and dust are separated using a centrifugal rolling or meal dresser. A fugitive roll is a cylindrical roller which is extended by a cloth filtration system. Beaters inside the tubular cylinders push the bottom grain to the cloth and throw it against the same. A brush that passes outside the cylinders removes the meal and keeps the cloth working. Similar to the centrifugal roll a flour dresser is built but the beaters do not. A standard process requires passing the flour from the millstones via successive dressers so that the meal is separated from the bran and germ in the grain. You can easily get one of these machines from a centrifugal dressing machine supplier in Hyderabad. The flour is pneumatically pumped at one end by an entrance into the top of the box and passes inside the colander. The flour is pushed by rotating brushes through the colander and falls into a bag as this is flowing along with the cylinders. Bran passes to the far end of the colander where the bran can be bagged with larger holes. The substance is supplied by the hopper to the conveyor and fed to the body of the machine. The nylon net in the device helps to separate and collect high-quality powder from a bag. The nylon brush is available for cleaning the nylon filter net. It is a heavy M.S. machine inclusive of angle, plate, and shaft of CRC. The ball bearing and bearing housings also have high-quality dustproof ball bearing. The machine's capacity depends on the mesh and material type of nylon network and does not vibrate. It can work in low horsepower as well as per expert centrifugal dressing machine supplier in Telangana.