Screw Conveyors for Industrial Applications

June, 26, 2012

Screw Conveyor is a mechanical device that was earlier used to pump out the water used for irrigation purposes. With the advancement of technology, Screw Conveyors have also developed and are used in diverse industries. Screw Conveyor, also called as auger conveyor is a combination of a tube or a box and a helical screw blade that is rotated inside the tube to move inside material. The material can be liquid or semi solid particles. Screw Conveyors are extensively required in material handling industry. Screw Conveyors are either placed horizontally or are slightly inclined to move the aggregates inside.

Screw Conveyors are used in diverse industrial sectors for the purpose of mixing or moving material from one place to another during the process of manufacturing. They are available in different capacities which vary from 250kgs to 3 tones. Many manufacturers also provide custom-made Screw Conveyors according to the requirement of the buyer.

Some Of The Prominent Features To Be Kept In Mind Before Purchasing Screw Conveyor Are:
The principle on which Screw Conveyor works holds a lot of importance in deciding the optimal performance of the device. There are many Screw Conveyor Manufacturers who try to carve the best mechanisms to make their products easy to operate and highly efficient. These are the ones who make Screw Conveyors running on the principle of transferring the material by means of centrifugal rotation of the rotor waram. This waram in screw conveyors is made of either mild steel or stainless steel.

Screw Conveyor must be able to carry material from one machine to another and the process involved must be free of vibrations.

Applications Of Screw Conveyors:
Screw Conveyors are used to move material inside the tube or the box from one place to another. They are used in industries such as food industry, oil industry, material handling industry, etc. These are also used in transport industry to carry cuttings of rocks from one point to another. Screw Conveyor also finds applications in agriculture as well. Screw Conveyors are also used for mixing materials that include various complex operations. Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors that are not just strong but durable also can be readily availed in the market.

One needs to do a thorough research before purchasing Screw Conveyors. Make sure that to get the best and economically priced Screw Conveyors. For this, only the authentic Screw Conveyor Manufacturers should be approached.

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