What Is Impact Pulverizer?

Posted by Admin on June, 26, 2012

There are many mechanical devices that are required in diverse industrial units to carry out complex operations. These operations need lot of expertise and precision, and thus machinery required to perform such tasks should also be advanced. One such mechanical device is Impact Pulveriser. It is a grinder that can grind different kinds of materials that too very efficiently. For instance, coal can be easily grinded by Impact Pulveriser to fulfill the requirements of power plants. Depending on speed, Pulverizers vary from each other and accordingly preferred by different industrial segments. There are: high speed Pulverizers, medium speed Pulverizers, and low speed Pulverizers. Apart from speed, Impact Pulverizer can also be divided into two other categories such as: Cone type Pulverizer and Micro Pulverizer. Both are available in different capacities and specifications.

Different Types Of Impact Pulverisers:

Cone Pulverizer:
Cone Pulverizer is the best mechanical device that is used for grinding Pharmaceutical drugs, Turmeric, Urad Dal, Saw Dust, Besan, Coconut, Dry Ginger, Shell, minerals and the like. Cone Pulverizer is generally available in different capacities ranging from 200kgs to 800kgs that makes them perfectly suitable for diverse industries such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc. There are many Cone Pulverizer Manufacturers in Andhra Pradesh who provide excellent Cone Pulverizers made from high grade parts and components. Yet before purchasing Cone Pulverizers from them, it is mandatory to understand the requirements and after that accordingly select high or low capacity models. There are certain points that must be considered before purchasing Cone Pulverizers. For instance, they must have a controlled feeding rate and should be free of vibrations. The best Cone Pulverizer works on the Principle of frictionless grinding.

Micro Pulverizer:
This is another type of Impact Pulverizer. This is specifically used for grinding Tea, Sugar, Coriander, Chillies, Black Pepper, Neem seed, Turmeric, etc. A Micro Pulverizer based on cutting & crushing Principle can effectively retain qualities of the product to be grinded. High- tech Micro Pulverizers are capable of controlling changes in perforated sieves. Micro Pulverizer made up of different types of material such as mild steel, Stainless Steel, etc. are strong enough to grind hard materials. Depending on the requirement customers must decide speed of their Micro Pulverizer and then only approach manufacturers of impact pulverizers.

Impact Pulverizers have compact shape and size, which make them easy to operate. Making operations dust-free, they are highly preferred for grinding dry products. Before purchasing Impact Pulverizer, ask for their accessories to be provided along with them.

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