Key Points To Consider While Procuring Screw Conveying System

Posted by Admin on June, 02, 2012

In the past fifty years or so, there has been tremendous development in the industrial sector with new science and technology giving rise to new machinery and equipment. One such equipment which has become an important part of our lives today is the Screw Conveying System.

Though not at all new, a Screw Conveyor has undergone tremendous development in past decade or so. So what is a Screw Conveying System and why is it so important. A Screw Conveyor is basically a conveying system which transfers materials from one point to another. A Screw Conveying System uses a rotating screw for movement and hence the name – Screw Conveyor. The Screw Conveying System can transfer materials in solid form, liquid form or it can be used to mix two substances while transferring.

Advantages of Screw Conveying System:
Screw Conveyor is available in different designs and specifications. There are highly specific designs for specific purposes. E.g. a vapor tight Screw Conveyor, for conveying chemicals or hazardous materials is a perfect example of this.

A Screw Conveyor can have multiple inlets and outlets, which mean that materials can be transferred to different locations according to requirement. Also if needed, there are openings in a Screw Conveyor to add materials.

While transference, the materials on a Screw Conveyor can be heated, cooled or even dried according to need.
A Screw Conveyor can be placed in vertical, horizontal or an inclined position according to the properties of the material being transferred.

Points To Be Considered While Procuring Screw Conveying System:
While choosing a Screw Conveying System, one needs to keep in mind what kind of application is it needed for. Only after conducting a proper research should one settle for a particular Screw Conveying System which fulfills the requirements of the application.

There are different kinds of Screw Conveying System Manufacturers operating in the market. There are some who specialize in manufacturing custom designs, while others excel in making heavy duty Screw Conveying System with hi-tech specifications. Find a reliable Screw Conveyor Manufacturer who specializes in kind of Screw Conveyor you need.

Make sure that the Screw Conveyor Manufacturer you are buying from complies with the industrial quality standards and has the necessary certifications from a recognized quality control body.

Another important point to be considered is to make sure that the Screw Conveyor Manufacturer you are buying from has all spare conveyor parts and components in stock.

Keeping these simple points in mind will ensure that you only buy quality products, while procuring a Screw Conveying System.

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