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Cone Pulverizer

We use the modern technology in the production of high valued Cone Pulverizers. Our cone pulverizers are available in various capacities i.e. 200kgs to 800kgs. We provide cone pulverizers at affordable prices.

Salient Features :
  • Designed and Manufacture with latest Engg. Techniques.
  • Sturdy Construction hence free of Vibrations.
  • Versatile Machine for Grinding all Non abrasive materials upto 300 Mesh.
  • The Product Fineness is well controlled by whizzer.
  • Function on frictionless grinding Principle.
  • Feeding Rate is well controlled.
  • Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel lining.

Applications :
  • Suitable for Turmeric, Urad Dhall, Besan, Dry Ginger, Saw Dust, Coconut Shell, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, minerals, Aqua feed and Fibrous materials etc.



Specification of Micro Pulveriser(Single Machine for Grinding all kinds of Spices)

Micro Pulveriser is provided with Cyclone, Blower, foundation channel frame and Dust-collector. Works on the Principle of cutting & crushing thereby retains original valuable product qualities. Product fineness is controlled by change of perforated sieves.It is a Hammer Mill. Suitable for Chilies, Coriander, Black Pepper, Tea, Sugar, Husk, Roots, Neem seed , Turmeric etc. Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel lining. (Moisture Content should be 10%)


Specification of Chilly Grinding Plants with chilli cleaning system.(capacity 900-1000 Kgs per Hour)

With S.S.Lining inside the body(after passing through cleaning system through whole process the Contact parts to chilli will be in S.S.(304 Grade).


Feeding whole chilli manually through Belt Conveyor, Chilli Cleaning Machine 1 No. removes Dust,nails, stones and hard particles from Chiili, three outlets in chilli cleaner, through two outlets dust particles will be removed and the cleaned whole chilli fall down in the third outlet, 

Suction Blower sucks the cleaned chilli  from  and throws the chilli first Stage Grinding chilli passes through 3.5 mm hole Screen,

 through  screw conveyor -> second stage Grinding passes through 2 mm -> 1.25 mm hole Screen,

And then -> third stage Grinding passes through 1.25 mm  here you get the final product (fine powder) final product  through Screw Conveyor the final product fall in Mixeris attached to the Plant final product store into the mixer (oil mixing tap is provided) and cooling of fine powder also takes place before bagging in the Mixer. in which tap is provided for 2% oil Mixing In mixer you can Blend 2-3 different qualities  It is an continuous process of Grinding and only 3-4 mens required while running the plant. Plant available in capacities :(Moisture Content should be 10%)