Grinding Equipment - Different Types For Various Applications

June, 02, 2012

One industry where Grinding Equipment is extensively used is the food processing industry. In olden days, people used to grind spices and other food substances at home with hand held grinders. However, nowadays people prefer buying ground food products directly from the market. Food processing industries make extensive use of Grinding Equipment to powder food products like chili, spices, pulses, etc.

Some of the commonly used Grinding Equipment in the food processing industry include Spice Grinding Machine, Chilli Grinding Machine, Chilli De seeding Machine, Garlic Paste Making Machine, Pulses Grinding Machine, Chilli Cleaning Machine, etc.

Other examples of Grinding Equipment used in different industries include:-

Hammer Mill Grinders Micro Pulveriser is provided with Cyclone, Blower, foundation channel frame and Dust-collector. Works on the Principle of cutting & crushing thereby retains original valuable product qualities. Product fineness is controlled by change of perforated sieves.It is a Hammer Mill. Suitable for Chilies, Coriander, Black Pepper, Tea, Sugar, Husk, Roots, Neem seed , Turmeric etc. Available in wide range of capacities in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel lining. (Moisture Content should be 10%)

Specification of Chilly Grinding Plants with chilli cleaning system

Specification of Semi Automatic Grinding Plant.

Specification of Blended Spices and Coriander Grinding Plants.

Specification of Mixer (Blending Machine)

These are just a few examples of Grinding Equipment that are commonly used in industries for various grinding purposes. Many other uses and applications of Grinding Equipment exist in the industrial sector. Initially developed with a purpose of reducing human effort and time, Grinding Equipment have today become a necessary part of our industries due to features like high precision grinding and uniformity of process.

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