Screw conveyors and their uses:

June, 02, 2012

Screw Conveyor makes a tough job very easy. The first modern Screw Conveyor was invented in mid-forties by Peter Pokash. Initially, Screw Conveyors were used in farms to move grains. Gradually, the application of Screw Conveyors extended to varied industries. Screw Conveyors are mainly used in industries granular products in bulk from one place to another. They are considered to be the best way to move semi-solid materials like spices food waste, animal feed meat, bone meal, wood chips, etc. Initially, Screw Conveyors were used in farms to move grains. Gradually, the application of Screw Conveyors extended to varied industries.transferring the material from Machine – Machine and storage Bins.

A Screw Conveyor is a very simple device. It consists of tube and a spiral blade coiled around a shaft. The amount of goods moved depends on the rotation speed of the blades. Screw Conveyor carries the material from one end to other in a controlled way. This device is made of best stainless steel so that it does not get damaged by huge amount material put in it. Screw Conveyor is available in varied capacities ranging from 250Kg to 300 ton.

Screw Conveyor is mainly used in agricultural sector. Screw Conveyor is powered by an electric motor. There is a long metal tube attached to it which directs the materials to their destination. The Screw Conveyors used in fields are usually very big in size. They can move a very large amount of grains in few minutes. This way, Some small conveyors are also extensively used in fields. Due to their smaller size, these conveyors are called pencil auger.

Regardless of their size, the Screw Conveyors can move huge collection of materials like crushed stones at relatively very less time. They are considered to be the best device to move heavy amount of material that is used in construction sites.

Screw Conveyors are also used in food processing and oil industries. The design of the snow blower is also based on this device. It moves snow to keep roads clear.

The use of Screw Conveyor is increasing day by day and with that people are modifying its design to make it better. For better productivity, it is necessary to buy this device from genuine Screw Conveyors Manufacturer only.

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Key Points To Consider While Procuring Screw Conveying System

June, 02, 2012

In the past fifty years or so, there has been tremendous development in the industrial sector with new science and technology giving rise to new machinery and equipment. One such equipment which has become an important part of our lives today is the Screw Conveying System.

Though not at all new, a Screw Conveyor has undergone tremendous development in past decade or so. So what is a Screw Conveying System and why is it so important. A Screw Conveyor is basically a conveying system which transfers materials from one point to another. A Screw Conveying System uses a rotating screw for movement and hence the name – Screw Conveyor. The Screw Conveying System can transfer materials in solid form, liquid form or it can be used to mix two substances while transferring.

Advantages of Screw Conveying System:
Screw Conveyor is available in different designs and specifications. There are highly specific designs for specific purposes. E.g. a vapor tight Screw Conveyor, for conveying chemicals or hazardous materials is a perfect example of this.

A Screw Conveyor can have multiple inlets and outlets, which mean that materials can be transferred to different locations according to requirement. Also if needed, there are openings in a Screw Conveyor to add materials.

While transference, the materials on a Screw Conveyor can be heated, cooled or even dried according to need.
A Screw Conveyor can be placed in vertical, horizontal or an inclined position according to the properties of the material being transferred.

Points To Be Considered While Procuring Screw Conveying System:
While choosing a Screw Conveying System, one needs to keep in mind what kind of application is it needed for. Only after conducting a proper research should one settle for a particular Screw Conveying System which fulfills the requirements of the application.

There are different kinds of Screw Conveying System Manufacturers operating in the market. There are some who specialize in manufacturing custom designs, while others excel in making heavy duty Screw Conveying System with hi-tech specifications. Find a reliable Screw Conveyor Manufacturer who specializes in kind of Screw Conveyor you need.

Make sure that the Screw Conveyor Manufacturer you are buying from complies with the industrial quality standards and has the necessary certifications from a recognized quality control body.

Another important point to be considered is to make sure that the Screw Conveyor Manufacturer you are buying from has all spare conveyor parts and components in stock.

Keeping these simple points in mind will ensure that you only buy quality products, while procuring a Screw Conveying System.

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Screw Conveyors for Industrial Applications

June, 26, 2012

Screw Conveyor is a mechanical device that was earlier used to pump out the water used for irrigation purposes. With the advancement of technology, Screw Conveyors have also developed and are used in diverse industries. Screw Conveyor, also called as auger conveyor is a combination of a tube or a box and a helical screw blade that is rotated inside the tube to move inside material. The material can be liquid or semi solid particles. Screw Conveyors are extensively required in material handling industry. Screw Conveyors are either placed horizontally or are slightly inclined to move the aggregates inside.

Screw Conveyors are used in diverse industrial sectors for the purpose of mixing or moving material from one place to another during the process of manufacturing. They are available in different capacities which vary from 250kgs to 3 tones. Many manufacturers also provide custom-made Screw Conveyors according to the requirement of the buyer.

Some Of The Prominent Features To Be Kept In Mind Before Purchasing Screw Conveyor Are:
The principle on which Screw Conveyor works holds a lot of importance in deciding the optimal performance of the device. There are many Screw Conveyor Manufacturers who try to carve the best mechanisms to make their products easy to operate and highly efficient. These are the ones who make Screw Conveyors running on the principle of transferring the material by means of centrifugal rotation of the rotor waram. This waram in screw conveyors is made of either mild steel or stainless steel.

Screw Conveyor must be able to carry material from one machine to another and the process involved must be free of vibrations.

Applications Of Screw Conveyors:
Screw Conveyors are used to move material inside the tube or the box from one place to another. They are used in industries such as food industry, oil industry, material handling industry, etc. These are also used in transport industry to carry cuttings of rocks from one point to another. Screw Conveyor also finds applications in agriculture as well. Screw Conveyors are also used for mixing materials that include various complex operations. Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors that are not just strong but durable also can be readily availed in the market.

One needs to do a thorough research before purchasing Screw Conveyors. Make sure that to get the best and economically priced Screw Conveyors. For this, only the authentic Screw Conveyor Manufacturers should be approached.

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